EEA Sponsorship Program

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance is introducing an updated multi-media program this year that provides more powerful tools for sponsors. These include:

  1. The new EEA Enterprise Engagement Alliance People Centric Award program sponsorship to target high-level end-users–published by Engagement Strategies media.
  2. The updated Enterprise Engagement Alliance curriculum sponsorship program to help inform, identify, and build relationships with implementers in a buying or planning mode and provide optional training for your team.
  3. The Engagement Strategies how-to and reference sponsorship and social media program, including sponsorships of content directly related to what you sell, media advertising on our new “smart” portal, email, digital, and print editions, and social media.

These programs are designed to support 21st century business development strategies to help build relationships and credibility with key prospects and clients, and move up the value chain when possible, by supporting thought leadership and other content directly related to what you sell and integrating this content into your social media and other communications and sales presentation strategies.

Sponsorship Program Return on Investment

The EEA marketing program is designed to help solution providers:

  • Target the audiences specifically right for your product or service.
  • Sponsor content most likely to attract the people you want to reach in the media that makes sense for your message and audience.
  • Generate call-in business and RFPs from companies seeking engagement solutions.
  • Provide your company with credible content to power your social media strategy.
  • Sponsor education to help inform program designers and implementers.
  • Provide information tools for your advocates, sales team and social media to help close sales.
  • Help ensure your sales, marketing, and operations teams are up to speed on the latest Engagement strategies and tactics and onboard appropriate tactics as appropriate.

Caveat: The ability to precisely connect business to this marketing effort depends upon your organization’s ability to track the source of its business and the various elements that influenced the sale.

What’s New for 2015

1. People Centric Award Program

This year, the EEA will award its first People Centric Awards based on highly objective data ranking the employee, customer, and community engagement of 400 Fortune 500 companies. This data, compiled by The Good Company Index, an independent research firm, has been used to create the Engaged Company Stock Index, which is now outperforming the S&P 500 by over 20 percentage points over the last two years. This year, the EEA will honor the top 25 companies with the highest scores with a special print edition of Engagement Strategies magazine that will feature profiles on each of the companies and their scores, as well as how-to information for organizations seeking to implement engagement within their organizations. This special edition will be mailed by first class mail to the top management at the nation’s Fortune 500 companies, to all ESM readers, and will be available on an app and via the Web.

2. Enterprise Engagement Alliance Curriculum and Certification Program

This year, the courses of Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook will continue to be expanded upgraded and presented in multiple media:

  • Online at Engagement University at:
  • In print and digital in Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook available
  • Face-to-face at Engagement University held annually in April.

3. The New Engagement Enterprises Media

This next-generation version of Engagement Strategies being introduced in February 2015 offers information aimed at high- to mid-level corporate practitioners who need to know the economics, best practices, solution providers, and other key information on demand, to better accomplish their objectives in sales, marketing, human resources, purchasing, community building, etc. by engaging the people critical to success. They need to gain easy access to practical information they can apply today in all areas of engagement. The new Engagement Strategies media is comprised of:

  • The soon-to-be revamped portal to the latest, news, research, case studies, etc. easily accessible from the smart phone on up, and which this year will be updated to include links to organizations and research dedicated to all areas of engagement throughout the world.
  • The Engagement Strategies e-mail newsletters, blogs, and EEA Twitter and Linked in communities.
  • Engagement Strategies quarterly digital editions with profiles of industry leaders, key trends, commentary, research and how-to and reference insights, new products, etc.
  • Enterprise Engagement Alliance education sponsorships to help inform implementers.
  • 30,000 email and digital subscribers in human resources, sales, and marketing in partnership with Marcus Evans worldwide conference producer.
  • A highly measurable, turnkey business development program leveraging this content to precisely targeted companies.

Enhanced Content and Business Development Programs

EEA’s ESM marketing group can develop completely customized multi-media campaigns for clients to help maximize business development opportunities in the most measurable way possible. Services include:

  • Developing a precise database of top management at targeted accounts, including email and phone numbers.
  • Creating monthly newsletters delivered via email, digital, print and social media to targeted audiences, including prospects and clients.
  • Creating specialized seminars and interactive sessions for clients and prospects to build relationships.
  • Orchestrating effective telephone contacts.
  • Providing precise ROI based on the list targeted.