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The Enterprise Engagement Academy Curriculum and Certification program is designed for general management and executives and managers in sales, marketing, human resources, operations and administration who are seeking to maximize the performance of their organizations through the effective engagement of customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors and communities.

The Enterprise Engagement Academy Curriculum and Certification program has the following objectives:

  1. Make it easier for organizations to more rapidly launch effective Engagement programs and select vendors qualified to address their needs.
  2. Prepare practitioners, process designers and facilitators for the Advanced Certification to demonstrate ability to conduct an audit and gap analysis of an organization’s engagement practices, proscribe solutions and design engagement processes for customers, distribution partners, sales and nonsales employees, vendors and communities.
  3. Provide practitioners and solution providers with a formal research-based framework for the design and implementation of engagement programs, much as is available in other marketing fields such as Advertising and Customer Relationship Management.
  4. Underline the inter-relationships between external and internal marketing and the various engagement tactics – i.e., communications, training, collaboration, rewards, etc – that frequently are separated by silos in many organizations.
  5. Establish a consensus around engagement nomenclature, implementation processes and tactics based on the latest research and best practices to facilitate development of more effective engagement campaigns within mid-size to large organizations with multiple departments and solution providers.
  6. Provide solution providers with a cost-effective way to make sure that all relevant people in their organization have an understanding of how their particular products and services fit into the emerging world of Enterprise Engagement.

Engagement CertificationHow to Get Certified

The basic online learning program is free, as is the certification test. Companies must become a member of the Enterprise Engagement Academy in order to display and market their certification, and to gain access to Advanced Certification.

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