Short Escapes Is Changing the Way People Travel and Meet

Short EscapesShort Escapes at knows that today’s travelers want a sense of fulfillment when they travel. They want to learn about the past, the present and even the future of a destination. They want to become part of it, sharing its many attributes and feeling the pulse of a place like the locals do.

It is no different with attendees at business or association events, family reunions, or weddings. People increasingly seek authentic engaging experiences that connect them with a place in a way not possible among the tourism crowds.

Award-winning travel journalist Gary Stoller and other Short Escapes editors show travelers and meeting planners how to truly experience the history, geography, culture, food and riches of relatively unknown, but easily accessible, destinations. Most Short Escapes destinations are just outside cities or in the countryside, while others are small cities relatively unknown to tourists. Short Escapes destinations are perfectly suited for leisure travelers, vacationers, business travelers and planners or attendees of meetings, events and weddings.

Short Escapes is a great web site for little-known destinations to gain a wider following.

About the Editors

As a founding editor of Conde Nast Traveler magazine and USA TODAY’s investigative travel editor, Gary Stoller wrote and edited thousands of travel articles during his distinguished career. He and travel expert Bruce Bolger authored the acclaimed Short Escapes book series for Random House’s Fodor’s division.

Assisted by Richard Kern, editor and publisher of SMERF Meetings Journal and Engagement Strategies magazines, they are bringing Short Escapes online for all travelers, including business meeting and social event planners.

Short Escapes enables travelers and event attendees to experience a more intimate form of discovery by promoting engaging travel experiences in historic, scenic places worldwide away from the tourist crowds. Travelers can escape the frenetic pace of urban areas and discover the peaceful countryside nearby on walks, hikes, bike rides and other outdoor activities. They can visit extraordinary museums and historic mansions, dine in restaurants the locals love and complete the experience at a charming hotel, country inn or bed and breakfast.

Short Escapes also takes travelers to small cities not known as tourist destinations where they can enjoy the nightlife, stay in fine hotels or attend a meeting or event at a special venue.

It’s a formula for memories—alone, with family or friends, or shared with a group. A New Jersey Short Escape takes you on paths where George Washington and his troops walked. A Colorado Short Escape can take you to places where gold was discovered and Stephen Stills wrote some of his finest rock songs. A Short Escape in Italy brings you to medieval churches and a B&B that inspired Ernest Hemingway.

Fresh Options for Meeting and Social Event Planners

Short Escapes also provides fresh, new options for planners of business meetings and special events who seek more intimate, distraction-free locales. Such places foster engagement and information exchange, learning, relationship building and joyous celebrations.

The numerous Short Escapes recommended by our travel editors often cost much less than other forms of travel. There’s no big admission fee to access walks, bike trails, special neighborhoods, villages outside cities or the countryside. And there are often lower prices and more personal service—along with more local flavor—at restaurants and lodgings in these destinations.

Other travel websites can be confusing because they contain travelers’ often conflicting and self-serving reviews. Experienced Short Escapes editors eliminate the confusion by carefully reviewing travel information and only recommending top-quality places, venues, restaurants, hotels and other establishments.

How to Contact Us

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The editors of Short Escapes welcome your feedback (click on the Contact Us tab on the home page) and hope that your Short Escape is as fulfilling and successful as it was for us.