Enterprise Engagement starts at the top. This service, provided by the field’s founders, includes high-level presentations and executive coaching on the field of Enterprise Engagement for the C-suite, boards of directors in the private and public sectors, public and private investment, and Annex SL people management requirements, and ISO 10018 quality people management standards, as well as a concrete roadmap for testing and implementation.

Topics include:

  • The definition, framework, and implementation process.
  • Why engagement hasn’t changed despite hundreds of billions in investments.
  • Research findings on economic and other benefits, including share price performance.
  • Background on ISO Annex SL and its impact on 60 ISO standards affecting 2 million companies.
  • How to foster alignment toward common goals.
  • Case studies.

Deliverables include:

  • A draft roadmap for your company with potential return on investment.
  • A gap analysis and human capital strategy assessment.

Who we are:

Consultants include the founders of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, who have either held C-suite positions at both large and small public, private, or government institutions, or who have conducted extensive research and curriculum development in this field, including:

  • Bruce Bolger, Founder of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, who has held executive positions at four companies; created and sold three businesses, and helped created the first formal curriculum on engagement process design;
  • Dr. Ron McKinley, Vice President of Standards at the Healthcare Management Institute of the University of Texas Medical Branch, with a 30-year career in senior human resource management at major public companies and health institutions, and Secretariat for the ISO Human Resources 260 Technical Committee.
  • Allan Schweyer, Enterprise Engagement Alliance Curriculum Director, responsible since the inception of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance for the development of the Enterprise Engagement curriculum and who is also Chief Academic Advisor for the Incentive Research Foundation at TheIRF.org.

Other consultants include former C-suite executives at major corporations and university professors.