Profit From ISO 10018 Quality People Management Standards and Certification and New ISO Human Resources Standards

The Engagement AgencyThe EEA’s Engagement Agency support service is designed to help organizations and solution providers profit from the ISO 10018 formal framework and implementation process for Quality People Management and from new ISO human resources standards. Whether or not your organization or its clients seeks to formally adopt the ISO 10018 or other standards, a look at the research and history of Quality Management shows that a systematic system for engaging all the people connected to an organization can have a positive impact on results. In addition to ISO 10018, ISO has created 10 human resources standards that also can be used to maximize effective practices.

While the Enterprise Engagement Academy and Certified Engagement Practitioner programs provide training and certification for individual professionals, The Engagement Agency provides organizations and solution providers with support services specifically designed for their needs and opportunities, including human capital practices audits.

The Significance of ISO 10018

ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards, officially known as “Guidelines for People Involvement and Competence,” were published by the creators of ISO 9001 Quality Management standards in 2012 to address what they felt was the long-overlooked need to engage people in the quality process. Based on ISO Quality Management principles published at that time similar to the principles published by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance in 2010, the ISO 10018 standards enable organizations to apply a process approach to Quality People Management in the same way ISO 9001 provided a systematic approach to quality in the 1980s. When the first ISO 9000 standards were published in 1987, not one company was certified. Today there are over 1.3 million ISO 9001 certified companies worldwide. Today, in addition to ISO 10018, there are 10 human resources standards now available from ISO.

The Return on Investment

While an ISO 10018 Quality People Management certification should provide marketing benefits to attract the best customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors, volunteers and donors, the most concrete benefits include a formal, measurable process to:

  • Achieve core sales, marketing, fundraising or other organizational goals and objectives.
  • Create a better employee and customer experience.
  • Increase customer retention and willingness to recommend or donate.
    Attract and retain high achieving distribution partners and talent.
  • Improve quality, service, safety and well-being.
  • Foster continuous improvement, innovation and collaboration.
  • Increase productivity.

Organizations collectively may spend up to $1 trillion a year in various tactics to achieve these goals, including marketing, compensation, human resources, benefits, etc., and yet both employee engagement and general customer satisfaction have not budged in decades, based on research from Gallup and the American Customer Satisfaction Association.
ISO 10018 can do for Quality People Management what ISO 9000 has done for Quality Process Management.

Engagement Agency Services

ISO 10018 and human resources standards create opportunities for any type of organization that can benefit from a process approach to Quality People Management, as well as a wide variety of solution providers in all areas of engagement, including ISO 9001 consultants. The Engagement Agency provides support services for all categories.

For Organizations
For organizations seeking to profit from 10018 Quality People Management standards and certification and ISO HR standards, The Engagement Agency provides the audit and gap analysis, training, process design and assistance with implementation required by the organization based on its needs and available internal resources. The Engagement Agency can provide audit, training, and process design services, or assist with some or all the other elements of the process based on organizational needs.

For those organizations that need to outsource certain services, The Engagement Agency has developed a growing community of solution providers in all areas of engagement to help organizations find precisely the right solutions for their needs and budget.
Engagement Agency services for organizations include:

  • Management training on ISO 10018 Quality People Management principles, ISO HR standards, and the Enterprise approach to engagement.
  • Facilitation of a leadership retreat to collaboratively define the Enterprise brand and culture and map out how to activate it across the organization through cross-functional alignment.
  • A return-on-investment assessment to weigh potential benefits against the costs.
  • A gap analysis to determine what is necessary to adapt to a formal ISO 10018 system or other ISO HR standards, including an audit of internal resources available to support the effort or to identify if outsourced technologies or services are required.
  • Speaking at organizational events or retreats on ISO 10018 and Quality People Management practices and how to foster greater alignment across the organization, as well as management training.
  • Creation of a formal Engagement Business Plan compliant with ISO 10018 practices.
  • Assistance with sourcing services in all areas of engagement, from leadership training, assessment, communications and training to innovation, technology, rewards & recognition and analytics.
  • Creation of RFPs for outsourcing of engagement processes.

For Quality Management Consultants
The 10018 Quality People Management standards create an ideal new business opportunity for quality management auditors and certifiers. Created by the same people who created ISO 9001 standards, ISO 10018 speaks to the fundamental human element needed to sustain continuous improvement over time.

The ISO 10018 audit uses a format like ISO 9001 and a transparent way to verify not only that the organization can check off the boxes, but that it faithfully implements the spirit of the standards with measurable results.

The Engagement Agency can assist quality management consultants with the education and training they need to audit for ISO 10018 certification. Our ESM media properties at can help keep consultants informed on latest research, trends and best practices, as well as connect them with other solution providers that can help their clients gain certification.

For Solution Providers
As with almost any profession, an Enterprise approach to engagement includes a variety of tactics, including brand development, leadership training, assessment, all forms of communication, innovation and collaboration, rewards and recognition, analytics and technology. The Engagement Agency helps these types of solution providers and others profit from the growing field of engagement fostered by the emergence of ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards and certification, as well as the new HR standards.

Engagement Agency services for solution providers include:

  • Management training on ISO 10018 Quality People Management principles and the Enterprise approach to engagement.
  • Assistance with audits and gap analyses.
  • A preliminary return-on-investment scenario.
  • An analysis to determine if and how the company’s solutions fit into ISO 10018 practices and an Enterprise approach to engagement.
  • If the answer is yes, a gap analysis to determine what is necessary for the organization to profit from ISO 10018; i.e., what type of certification, if any, to pursue.
  • Facilitation of management retreats to develop an ISO 10018 plan or speaking at organizational events on ISO 10018 and Quality People Management practices.
  • Creation of a formal Engagement Business Plan to profit from engagement.
  • Assistance with sourcing services in other areas of engagement, from leadership training, assessment and communications to innovation, technology, rewards & recognition and analytics to provide more solutions to clients.
  • Content marketing and thought leadership programs to develop leads and brand exposure in quality management, sales & marketing and human resources.
  • Mergers and acquisition strategies related to helping solution providers expand services and reach.

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