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Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook

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The Enterprise Engagement Alliance provides the first ever and only formal education program specifically focused on the implementation of a strategic and systematic approach to the management and engagement of people. This includes the use of readily accessible human capital management, metrics, and reporting strategies and the ROI-based design and use of engagement processes. Enterprise Engagement achieves better results and experiences than the current reactive, ad hoc, and little measured approach by integrating and aligning processes that generally are siloed in many organizations. These include: branding, culture, and leadership development; assessment and feedback; coaching; communications in every media; learning; job design; collaboration and innovation; incentives and loyalty, rewards and recognition; human capital analytics, Enterprise Engagement technology, and more.

Enterprise Engagement helps organizations address the “S” or social factors of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)-based management and investing and of the Stakeholder Capitalism movement, of which the EEA is an early founder.

No other education or certification program anywhere provides a strategic and systematic approach to engaging employees and all stakeholders in a strategic and systematic way. This program also is unique in its focus on human capital management, measurement, analytics and internal and external reporting consistent with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards.

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Enterprise Engagement Alliance processes support the implementation of Stakeholder Capitalism–a new approach to creating shareholder returns by creating value for all stakeholders–employees, customers, distribution and supply chain partners or any stakeholders. Enterprise Engagement is designed to engage employees in the organization’s brand, mission, and goals in a way that is aligned with the interests of customers, distribution and supply chain partners, communities and other constituents.

Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook

On sale now at

Education preparation for Enterprise Engagement certification includes two books: Enterprise Engagement for CEOs and Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, provided at no cost with EEA membership, as well as five decks and recorded webinar sessions covering:

  • The principles, economics, and framework of Enterprise Engagement; i.e., engaging employees and all stakeholders in the mission and goals of the organization.
  • The fundamentals of employee, customer, and distribution partner engagement, and their inter-relationship.
  • Human capital management and measurement fundamentals, including a review of ISO 30414 human capital reporting standards, the new World Economic Forum Stakeholder Capital metrics, and other reporting standards.
  • An overview of the return-on-investment measurement process for almost any type of engagement tactic, including incentives, loyalty, recognition, communications, learning, and more.
  • Case studies of strategic and tactical engagement strategies.

The Certified Engagement Practitioner demonstrates a thorough understanding of the principles of Enterprise Engagement and the concept of Stakeholder Capitalism by reading two books and demonstrating a firm grasp of the key principles in a one-hour video web interview.

The Advanced Practitioner designation requires the achievement of the CEP designation, a college degree or equivalent; at least three years of management or equivalent experience in engagement process design, as well as submission of a formal engagement plan explained in the curriculum.

Who Can Benefit

  • Management in finance, human resources, marketing, administration, and operations or anyone responsible for generating a return-on-investment on people management processes or who wish to bring greater value to the CEO.
  • Solution providers in any area of engagement seeking to expand their services and value to clients by providing ROI-based solutions aligned with organizational purpose and objectives and with other elements of the overall organization strategy. This can include management and employees in sales, marketing, planning and product management.
  • Academics seeking to educate their students on Stakeholder Capitalism principles and the “Social” elements of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles.


  • A clear process for optimizing organizational performance that increases efficiencies and enhances stakeholder experiences.
  • An overview of the field of human capital management and measurement; the practical applications, and the link to financial objectives.
  • An understanding of human capital standards initiatives and their implication for business.
  • Modern ways to design return-on-investment based employee and other stakeholder engagement processes.
  • Practical ways to measure the return-on-investment of almost any engagement tactic.

Curriculum Advisors

  • Allan Schweyer, Curriculum Director
    A world-recognized leader in human capital economics; incentive, rewards, recognition, and engagement, he is President of TMLU, a workforce learning, management and research advisory firm, and Chief Academic Advisor for the Incentive Research Foundation.
  • Gary Rhoads, Academic Advisor
    CEO of Xvoyant, a leading sales engagement company, and Professor Emeritus, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Marriott Graduate School of Business, Brigham Young University. Before founding Xvoyant, he launched one of the first “enterprise engagement” companies, which was sold and is now known as
  • Dave Bookbinder, Advisor, Finance
    Senior Director of valuations at CFGI, Dave is a corporate finance executive with a focus on business, intellectual property, and human capital valuations. He is the author of a best-selling book about the impact of human capital on the valuation of a business enterprise called The NEW ROI: Return On Individuals.
  • Dr. Solange Charas, Advisor, Human Capital Management 
    CEO and founder of HCMoneyBall, a SaaS human capital measurement platform, and a human capital expert with 20+ years experience as consultant, practice leader, top corporate executive, and board director across all industry sectors. She is an adjunct professor on human capital management at Columbia University, New York University, and University of Southern California.
  • Darwin Hanson, Advisor, Compensation, Total Rewards
    Darwin is a leader in Total Rewards design, planning, and implementation, providing both strategic consulting and front-line solutions to manage each of the pillars of total rewards. He has extensive experience guiding executives through management redesign, analytics, and implementation of people technology platforms.
  • Alan Steinmetz, Advisor, Brand Marketing
    Founder and CEO of Inward Consulting, Alan is a change management, marketing/advertising communications/branding executive who partners with C-suite and human resources leadership teams to develop strategic brand repositioning and corporate value propositions. He has held senior marketing management positions with some of the world’s leading companies.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Join the EEA as an individual or corporate member to receive the two books and training information and to become eligible for certification. Be sure to select the type of membership designation where indicated; i.e., marketing, human resources, total rewards, etc. You can register for free to become an Enterprise Engagement Alliance Advocate to gain access to useful information, news, resources, special offers and the opportunity to participate in the Enterprise Engagement marketplace.

Step 2: After your preparation, earn the Certified Engagement Practitioner through a one-hour recorded video webinar examination with a senior EEA advisor; achieve the Advanced Engagement Practitioner level by providing a formal, written Enterprise Engagement program for a real or imaginary client that demonstrates a clear understanding of Stakeholder Capitalism principles and its practical application.

Membership Cost: $250 for individual annual membership; $695 for annual corporate membership. No charge for academics but does not include the books.

Certified Practitioner Examination Cost: $250 for Certified Engagement Practitioner examination once every five years to maintain certification.

Advanced Practitioner Examination Cost: $350 for the Advanced Engagement Practitioner written examination once every five years to maintain certification.

Note: You or your organization must remain a paid member of the EEA to utilize the logo provided with this certification.

Training and Support

In Print: Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap 5th Edition.
The first and most comprehensive book on Enterprise Engagement and its implementation tools.

Enterprise Engagement for CEOs: The Little Blue Book for People-Centric Capitalists.
The first and most comprehensive book on the principles of Stakeholder Capitalists and its application through the processes of Enterprise Engagement.

The CEP and AEP Webinar Training Programs: All members will receive all the training materials for certification preparation, including five decks with recorded webinars.

News, how-to, and reference: ESM (Engagement Strategies Media) at

For additional information:

Bruce Bolger, EEA Managing Director
The Enterprise Engagement Alliance
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