About the Enterprise Engagement Alliance

Created in 2008 and officially launched in January 2009, long before the use of the term “Stakeholder Capitalism,” the non-partisan Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) was founded by a coalition of business professionals, academics, and companies dedicated to its principles: enhancing returns for shareholders by creating value for all stakeholders without whom there would be no enterprise: customers, employees, supply chain and distribution partners. The EEA’s goal is to help organizations of all types achieve their goals through a formal, strategic and systematic enterprise-wide endeavor that “begins with people and ends with profitability.”

The EEA supports boards, business and investment analysts, C-suite and management in finance, marketing, sales, customer service, human resources, operations, administration, etc. for for-profit, not-for-profit, and government organizations seeking a more strategic, systematic, and measurable approach to stakeholder engagement with enhanced performance and experiences.

The EEA’s primary mission is to support the ROI of Stakeholder Management principles through education and outreach that creates a better understanding of how organizations can make the connection between engaging people in business and achieving short- and long-term financial performance in a practical way. The EEA was founded on the premise that the engagement of all of an organization’s key audiences – customers, distribution partners and employees – is a critical but often overlooked success factor for businesses that warrants a formal approach.

Since it’s creation, it has developed a faculty representing academia, corporate practitioners, and engagement solution providers in all areas of leadership, assessment, coaching, learning, communication, innovation, DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), rewards and recognition, and measurement for the purposes of creating a formal textbook and curriculum and benchmarking tools. In addition, the EEA created an Engaged Company Stock Index that demonstrated the value of having highly engaged stakeholders. The index was suspended after six years of results proved the premise that an enterprise approach to engaging all stakeholders can achieve concrete financial benefits.

EEA customers include professionals seeking to enhance their management expertise; organizations seeking to enhance their performance in a more sustainable way through people by utilizing formal systems, and solution providers seeking to up their games by providing their clients more holistic, measurable solutions,

Through our demonstrated vision and decades of commitment and expertise, we are uniquely qualified to help all organizations implement a strategic and systematic approach to management and engagement across the enterprise and more specifically to help comply with the spirit and legal requirements of the new European Union Corporate Sustainabilty Reporting directive.

The EEA is dedicated to making as much of its information available at no cost in order to promote the sharing of information to the broadest possible audience. The EEA provides a number of free and paid information and training services, including:

  • Publishing and maintaining the only known learning and certification program on Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Developing and disseminating content on Stakeholder Management and Enterprise Engagement to over 20,000 professionals a month via the web, social media, e-newsletters and YouTube, including our ESM and RRN media properties and weekly e-newsletters.
  • Working with organizations such as the Association of National Advertisers to educate its corporate members and agencies on Brand Engagement 360 as part of a formal “Got People” outreach strategy. See this recent article and EEA Youtube show on the potential opportunity and challenges for the Total Rewards market.
  • Helping organizations and their engagement solution providers benefit from the same strategic and systematic approach to stakeholder engagement that transformed quality in manufacturing.
  • Working with the investment community and other advisors on how to better understand and utilize human capital reporting.
  • Providing a free EEA Engagement referral, ratings, and feedback widget offering unique benchmarking capabilities over time using the reward option of your choice.
  • Providing Stakeholder Capitalism insignias to use on your web sites and social media pages to demonstrate your commitment to all stakeholders.
  • Offering the ability for EEA participants to demonstrate their thought leadership by having published your how-to, insight, and research in EEA media, with about 20,000 e-newsletter, web, and social media readers per month.
  • Books (paid—free to EEA members):  Enterprise Engagement for CEOs provides a short guide for boards, senior management, and investors, and Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap provides a practical implementation guide for management at all levels. Paid EEA participation includes four additional books on Stakeholder Management theory and implementation.

Benefits to all professionals and organizations: The only professional education and certification program for a stakeholder approach to management and engagement across the enterprise; a formal means for conducting gap analyses, formal stakeholder engagement programs and human capital reporting, and six books from world leaders on all aspects of stakeholder engagement. (See below.)

Benefits to engagement solution providers. All of the above plus guidance on how to strategically and systematically benefit from this new stakeholder approach to management and marketing and enhanced means to market your services to the growing marketplace for strategic and tactical engagement solutions.

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For additional information:

Bruce Bolger, EEA Managing Director
The Enterprise Engagement Alliance
Tel. 1-914-591-7600, ext. 230.