The Enterprise Engagement Alliance is a trailblazer in the implementation of stakeholder management. We provide advisory, speaking, town hall, and facilitation services on all aspects of engagement across the enterprise. We are experts in all of the stakeholder management and corporate sustainability reporting issues related to the new European Union Corporate Sustainabilty Reporting Directive that will require tens of thousands of US and hundreds of thousands or more organizations around the world to publicly disclose their workforce management practices and those of their supply and distribution chain as well as address the needs of customers, distribution partners, and the communities in which they operate.

In our new collaboration with PurposePoint, we are developing a new curriculum specifically focusing on the personal characteristics of Purpose Leaders.

We specialize not only in short- or longer keynotes or in-class training, but in highly interactive town-hall formats that involve the entire audience in a more engaging and useful strategic discussion aligned with your organizational or program objectives. The goals are to: engage people by involving them in a process that helps people get to know one another for after meeting discussion; crowd-source new ideas in an informal setting; gain a greater and more authentic understanding of your audience. The topic can be on any subject that aligns with your program objectives and culture.

We provide the field’s leaders who combine front-line senior executive or academic experience with the world’s first formal CEO-led strategy for integrating engagement efforts across the organization based on the subject matter. All speakers have extensive experience speaking before groups of all sizes on almost every continent. Subjects include: Stakeholder Management and the concept of Stakeholder Capitalism; Enterprise Engagement, Human Capital Management and Metrics; Corporate Sustainability Reporting and the new European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, Return on Investment of Engagement processes for measuring program effectiveness; briefings on the implementation processes of Stakeholder Capitalism, and effective practices in all the tactical areas of engagement. Our goal is to tie our presentations or advisory services to your specific organizational strategies, tactics, and objectives, not to simply provide a few motivational thoughts that are forgotten the next day. See: ESM: News Analysis: What is the ROI of the $11 Billion Market for Motivational Speaking and Executive Coaching.

For organizations seeking a unique and authentic team-building experience, our Short Escapes experiences service identifies historical, cultural, or environmental near your event location for short getaways that link your meeting objectives to an intimate introduction to the richness of your destination.

INTERVIEW ON ENTERPRISE ENGAGEMENT. To hear what an interview on Enterprise Engagement sounds like, listen to this interview with EEA Founder Bruce Bolger on Stakeholder Capitalism. Bolger is host of nearly 40 participative panel discussions with nearly 100 experts on the Enterprise Engagement Alliance YouTube Channel.

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance has created an interactive program for chambers of commerce and business organizations that provide education programs for CEOs, CFOs, boards, and management at all levels. The program is ideal for live video or event formats.

What People Are Saying

Says Heather Avella, Director of Membership & Community Partnerships, Greater Manchester, NH Chamber of Commerce, “Bruce Bolger is a powerhouse speaker who will provide a breadth of experience and impactful content to any audience. Bruce presented at a Virtual CEO Roundtable for our Greater Manchester Chamber and the attendee feedback was glowing. CEO participants learned about Stakeholder Capitalism and Employee Engagement – not only the what, but more importantly the why and how – and they left inspired and empowered with first steps. I highly recommend enlisting Bruce to share his expertise and wisdom with any group – it will be a decision you won’t regret.” Click here for a sample of the program.

Says Tengku Zarina Tengku Chik, Chief Executive Officer of the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC), says, “Bruce Bolger, thank you for sharing your thoughts on Stakeholder Capitalism at the Stakeholders Capitalism at the Securities Industry Development Conference (SRI 2021). Very compact and clear guidance on how and the tools we can use to better meet and manage stakeholder expectations more effectively.”

A four-hour live virtual program held on a Saturday morning by the Accountant Lawyer Alliance qualifying lawyers and accountants for continuing education credits in their professions received a 9.7 out of 10 rating.

Says Donna Jean LaPlante, Executive Director, Specialty Advertising Association of Greater New York, of a recent webinar presentation with co-speaker Paul Kiewiet, Executive Director of Michigan Promotional Products Association, “You both were terrific.,.There are so many benefits to reap.”

  • The emergence of Stakeholder Capitalism; its key principles, and key implementation steps.
  • Corporate sustainability reporting and the end of corporate responsibility reporting.
  • The economic and other benefits of a strategic approach to people.
  • The definition, framework, and implementation process.
  • The definition of an Enterprise brand and why having one is critical to success.
  • Why engagement hasn’t changed despite hundreds of billions in investments.
  • Research findings on economic and other benefits, including share price performance.
  • Background on ISO Annex SL and its impact on 60 ISO standards affecting 2 million companies.
  • How to foster alignment toward common goals.
  • Case studies.


  • A speaking and or highly interactive program that supports broader organizational goals.
  • Help with developing your organization’s “enterprise” brand to address all stakeholders.
  • Help with kicking off or maintaining strategic engagement efforts with customers, employees, distribution partners, vendors, investors, and other communities.

Who we are

Speakers include the founders of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and an advisory board of experts in all areas of engagement. See the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Youtube channel for video panel discussions with Bruce Bolger as host and many other people in the speakers bureau program.