In addition to the complete learning program, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance offers two concrete tools for enterprises and solution providers as part of the Enterprise and Solution Provider membership level, along with additional support for solution providers. 

  1. The People Value Impact Calculator--specifically designed to help organizations better gauge the specific source of value creation and better experiences among their stakeholders; better estimate the cost of low engagement of customers, employees, distribution partners, volunteers, or other stakeholders; analyze the impact of incentive, recognition, loyalty, or other specific initiatives on the organization’s purpose, goals, objecties, or values, and to design more effective and measurable engagement efforts. Organizations can obtain preliminary results within one month of providing data, and can immediately begin using the Master Measurement model to design more effective programs. Gallup estimates that employee disengagement alone costs the world economy $8.8 trillion; what is low customer, employee, or other low stakeholder engagement costing your organization.
  2. The Fasteezy Engagement widget–almost instantly add a graphic widget and functionality to promote referrals, reviews, or suggestions for your organization, the most powerful demonstration of engagement. This provides your organization with the most meaningful evidince of willingness to refer talent, customers, or other stakeholders who can add value.
  3. Thought leadership and business development services for solution providers. The EEA helps solution providers make sure they have the expertise and demonstrated thought leadership to gain the confidence of clients that they can deliver the promised results as well as a means of identifying and building relationship with the right people over time.

1. People Value Impact Calculator

Corporate Enterprise and Solution Provider Members of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance gain a unique new benefit: an easy-to-use SaaS platform enabling any organization to calculate the source of stakeholder value creation in organization;  estimate the cost of low engagement; holistically evaluate the impact of incentive, recognition, or other engagement initiatives on employees, customers, distribution and supply chain partners, volunteers, or any stakeholders, and create incentive, recognition, loyalty and other engagement efforts based on the same statistical process controls used in total quality management known as the Master Measurement Model.

This new service aims to do for stakeholder engagement what total quality management has accomplished in manufacturing: enable organizations to strategically enhance performance and experiences by fostering the proactive involvement of all stakeholders—customers, employees, supply chain and distribution partners, and communities—by providing a more holistic view not only of the impact of stakeholder engagement on the purpose, goals, and objectives of the organization but on the experiences, productivity, and quality of other stakeholders.

The People Value Impact Calculator (PVIC) is included at no additional cost with the EEA Enterprise and Solution Provider membership level. Using an organization’s own data uploaded quarterly on a confidential basis, PVIC enables organizations to precisely correlate any investments in stakeholders–employees, customers, supply chain and distribution partners—with actual outcomes in terms of sales, profitability, referrals, or whatever purpose, goals, and objectives an organization is seeking to achieve. PVIC works with the data organizations already have related to their purpose, goals, objectives, and values, and can easily be manually entered or uploaded on a quarterly basis or other schedule as required if comparable periods can be compared.

PVIC is a joint venture of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and one of its preferred solution providers, Talent Management, a Minnesota-based compensation and total rewards advisory company.

Key benefits of PVIC are the ability to:

  • Identify more precisely where value is created within organizations by stakeholder group against purpose, goals, objectives, and values to make smarter compensation decisions.
  • Better estimate the actual cost of disengagement of any key stakeholder group to determine what level of investment is justified to address it.
  • Track the actual impact over time of investments in people on key organizational goals with a precision rarely possible by correlating actual data in easily viewed graphics with a click of the mouse to that you can make continuous improvements.
  • Design incentive, recognition, loyalty, learning, DEI and other programs applying  the same processes used daily in total quality management that include measures both for results and the actions required to achieve them weight against their protential influence on desired results.

While PVIC comes with a template that includes almost any possible combination of stakeholder data an organization may wish to correlate, the data fields can be easily customized to include precisely include the data your organization wishes related to its purpose, goals, objectives, and values.

A PVIC multi-company license is available for conglomerates or agencies and advisory firms seeking to help multiple divisions and organizations identify their true sources of value creation within the organization or the effectiveness of engagement efforts based on actual impact, either financial or based on other goals and objectives. This includes the ability to correlate data within the groups and/or eventually with the aggregate data of all PVIC users on a strictly anonymous basis. No data on the PVIC platform is every identified by company name, making it impossible for even a successful hacker to track information by company.

PVIC advisors help organizations create the right reporting template for their needs and can include the new European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, ISO 30414 human capital, ISO 10018 people engagement standards, or any standards desired.

2. Fasteezy Engagement Widget 

Fasteezy is a widget that can be placed on any web page or as a QR code on a business card to actively promote referrals, reviews and requests for information using whatever incentives organizations believe will work best. It is provided by Incentco, and EEA preferred solution provider as part of the Enterprise and Solution provider membership. Click here for more details.

3. EEA Business Development Program for Solution Providers 

Make Your Organization Known as a Pioneer and Expert in the Emerging Field of Enterprise Engagement and Stakeholder Management

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance Enterprise and Solution Provider membership level includes the education necessary to make sure they can take full advantage of stakeholder management and the tools provided by the EEA as well as a basic way for solution providers to begin refining and telling their stories to potential customers.

Beyond that, the EEA offers a multi-media business development and learning platform to help solution proviers profit from the emerging field of enterprise engagement and what is increasingly known as stakeholder management.

Not only can an EEA content marketing program generate more qualified clickthroughs at a lower cost than search engine advertising, it provides the type of independent thought leadership and expertise more clients are seeking from their engagement solution providers.

Powered by growing pressure from both investors and consumers seeking to invest in and do business with companies that care about people, Enterprise Engagement provides a systematic approach to engaging all stakeholders to achieve organizational results that requires the expertise of solution providers in every area of engagement:

  • Leadership recruiting and coaching
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Communications (digital, print, face to face, 3-dimensional)
  • Learning and development
  • Job design and career laddering
  • Loyalty
  • Community and diversity
  • Innovation
  • Rewards, recognition, and benefits
  • Engagement technologies
  • Measurement and analytics

Click here for complete details on EEA and ESM services for solution providers.

Overview of Our Services to Help You Profit From Enterprise Engagement

If your company believes there’s even a reasonable shot that Enterprise Engagement will emerge as a field, this multi-faceted learning and certification, advisory, and lead generation service carries almost no risk since one sale can cover almost any investment. Our services include:

  1. Engagement Agency Advisory Services to Update Your Message, Business Model, Product Mix
  • The Engagement Agency provides a complete support service for solution providers seeking to profit from the emerging Enterprise Engagement field by helping them update their web site and other sales and marketing materials; develop new business models based on professional services fees; train their sales and project planning teams; and provide content and database development.
  1. EEA and ISO Learning and Professional Certifications to Prepare Your Team
  • The Enterprise Engagement Alliance at provides the online learning for professional development, including the Certified Engagement Practitioner (CEP) designation and the Advanced Engagement Practitioner (AEP) designation.
  • ISO Certification for Your Organization. The International Center for Enterprise Engagement at has created the first certification program for ISO 10018 quality people management and ISO 30414 human capital management certification.
  1. Thought Leadership and Reseller Program

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance offers the only content marketing and thought leadership platforms in the marketplace to position your company as a market leader in Enterprise Engagement:

  • Content marketing in ESM at for lead generation at sales enablement. Our Sponsor how-to and reference directly related to what you sell; share new product announces, events and insight articles to reach audience of about 20,000 business professionals per month in all areas of management and business via the web, e-newsletters, social media, and shares, and to help their own social media and sales enablement strategies through credible, third-party content that supports your message.
  • online marketplace to attract end-users and solution providers seeking solutions.The first worldwide marketplace of engagement solution providers, including leaders in:
  • Branding and culture
  • Leadership and coaching
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Communications (digital, face-to-face, print, three dimensional, etc.)
  • Learning
  • Job design
  • Loyalty
  • Incentive and Recognition
  • Rewards
  • Human Capital Analytics
  • And more

 Enterprise Engagement Marketing Services

Complete agency support for solution providers seeking to enter or expand into the field of Enterprise Engagement, including business plan design, copywriting, web site development, training, and innovative lead generation strategies.