Join the Enterprise Engagement Alliance to Support and Master the Principles of Stakeholder Capitalism


Why join the Enterprise Engagement Alliance? To help yourself, your organization or your clients profit from a new, more efficient approach to people management that organizations such as the US Securities & Exchange Commission and the  World Economic Forum state is now critical to the success of any size organization. 

An emerging new field and profession. The EEA is for professionals in all areas of management and all organizations seeking to benefit from a transformational time in business: the need to implement a strategic, systematic, and measurable approach to people across the enterprise. The EEA is the world’s only education and outreach organization specifically focused on the implementation of a practical, people-focused approach to business increasingly known as Stakeholder Capitalism. Founded in 2008, the EEA has developed the only information platform, solution provider marketplace, and learning platform to support the practical implementation of this emerging new field.

Become informed and part of the community. By joining the Enterprise Engagement Alliance as an academic, individual practitioner, or organizational member, you can access an array of information, learning and other opportunities; platforms to market yourself or your organization as an expert and/or supporter of this essential new approach to people management and measurement, and to obtain the learning material necessary to master the practical application of the field, and, if desired, to become certified in its practices.

Training on human capital management, metrics, and reporting and ROI-based engagement strategies and technologies. The EEA trains sales, marketing, human resources, operations and general management on a strategic and systematic approach to optimizing performance through people by more efficiently aligning the multiple engagement tactics siloed in most organizations. The recently updated education program includes an overview of the new Securities & Exchange Commission human capital reporting rules; the World Economic Forum Stakeholder Capitalism metrics, the new ISO 30414 human capital reporting standards, and others. Click here for more details on the education and certification program.

The opportunity to launch an Engagement Agency advisory service. The EEA’s Engagement Agency service helps solution providers adapt, create, market and support engagement agency advisory services to help their clients profit from the new human capital disclosure requirements and standards by creating an ROI-based, proactive strategy to people management and reporting.

What’s included. Membership includes a free copy of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s two books, Enterprise Engagement for CEOs, an abbreviated overview of the definition, benefits, and implementation framework, and Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, the field’s only textbook; free access to the five-part training program and a complimentary consultation session to ensure you or your organization profit from your membership.

Click here to learn more the education, certification, and thought leadership benefits of becoming an EEA member and to join.