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PurposePointA collaboration of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, PurposePoint and its Purpose Summit live education program, the Purpose Leadership Academy provides comprehensive information, learning and continuing education, measurement and referral tools, and access to research, implementation solution providers, products and services in all areas of purpose leadership and stakeholder management.

To get started on your journey, click here to confidentially benchmark the maturity of your organization’s stakeholder management practices using the Omindex Workforce Assessment.

Sign up for the free EEX Advisors program or join the paid Enterprise Engagement Alliance Purpose Point Purpose Leadership Academy to access the full library of books and self-learning, and discounts to the annual Purpose Leadership event coming next in Charlotte NC April 29-May as well as for a growing number of assessment, implementation and measurement tools. Or, contact Bruce Bolger, Founder, at or at 914-591-7600, ext. 230.

Here are the membership benefits and fees.

1. Benefits (Free). For people seeking information only.

  • Weekly news, research, and trends covered in our weekly ESM media on Purpose Leadership and Stakeholder Management and updates on our regularly updated library and YouTube channel profiling people leaders and effective practices in all areas of stakeholder management and in our RRN media focusing on total rewards, with a comprehensive regularly updated library of resources.
  • Students and professors also receive the online training program. Click here for a syllabus of the formal education program.
  • A help desk to quickly find research and resources.

2. The EEA PurposePoint Purpose Leadership Academy Member Benefits: $425 (Individual); $1,075 (Corporate practitioners); $1,500 (Enterprise and Solution Providers)–For leaders at all organizations ready for implementation. 

Enterprise Engagement Alliance PurposePoint Purpose Leadership Academy helps organizations move from talk to action through a library of books on the principles of Purpose Leadership and finding purpose at work and on the theory, implementation process, metrics, and reporting on stakeholder management. In addition to the basic free benefits above, Academy members receive a growing number of learning opportunities, tools, and other benefits from engagement solution providers.

  • Learning and certification on purpose leadership and stakeholder management for you or your entire management team to foster greater alignment, provided through videos on all aspects of stakeholder management, metrics, and reporting, updated annually, with an optional certification program.
  • A library of books on the principles of Purpose Leadership and finding purpose at work as well as on the practical implementation of stakeholder management, metrics, and reporting, based on membership level–see below for more details.
  • Purpose Leadership Summit 2024, Charlotte, April 29-May 1 to meet leaders  in all areas of management and business, not-for-profits and faith-based organizations–a 40% discount while available–$775 versus $1,275. 
  • Impact measurement. A single-company annual license for use of the EEA People Value Impact Calculator software for Enterprise and Solution Provider members to track the impact of people investments in human resources, marketing, sales, distribution and supply chain management, communities, and more.
  • Customer and talent referrals, suggestions, and more. A referral widget for Corporate or Enterprise and Solution Provider membership levels that it can use to promote and track referrals for customers, employees, volunteers, or any stakeholder.
  • Organizational maturity and risk calculator. A free one-hour thumbnail evaluation session of your organization and a 25% discount on formal training and certification on the use of the Organizational Maturity Omindex evaluation and rating system to identify strengths and weaknesses in any organization and benchmark progress.
  • Customer and talent referrals and suggestions. A referral widget any organization can use to promote and track referrals for customers, employees, volunteers, or any stakeholder, free for Enterprise and Solution provider members.
  • A politics free-charitable giving platform. A free CharityChoice co-branded web site for your organization to support charitable giving by employees, customers and other stakeholders only to charities your organization chooses that help address the health, welfare, and safety of people and that rewards eligible firms with a 15% fundraising fee they can use for any purpose. Free to all paid members.
  • Appreciation at Work training program. A $150 discount on the Appreciation at Work certification program, including a handbook on its new implementation system for enterprises, for all paid members.
  • On demand expert concierge service to source solutions with no finders fees or commissions. As a courtesy for all paid members, we frequently help connect members with potential employees, solution providers, or distribution partners.
  • Thought leadership and publicity. Opportunity for all paid members to submit thought leadership or news in EEA media subject to editorial guidelines: ESM media services for engagement solution providers and here for an  overview of RRN services for solution providers in total rewards.
  • A help desk to quickly find research and resources.

Other Services

Click here for an overview of ESM media services for engagement solution providers and here for an  overview of RRN services for solution providers in total rewards. Here’s an overview of other ways we create value for leaders at any level and their organizations.

  • Advisory services. Implement purpose-driven stakeholder management and produce meaningful corporate sustainability reports through EEA and PurposePoint advisory services for all types of organizations and solution providers seeking to benefit from a more sustainable path to value creation and to publish meaningful corporate sustainability reports.
  • Business development for solution providers. Take advantage of business development services for engagement solution providers, technology, brands and travel firms seeking to implement permission-based marketing strategies.
  • Research. Access our research services to measure engagement impacts or to produce authoritative white papers or meta-analyses of other research.

Click here to join the Enterprise Engagement Alliance PurposePoint Academy for Purpose Leadership and Stakeholder Management. Select your membership level, sign up and, if applicable, pay to get started. 

Joining the EEA and PurposePoint learning, professional development, and continuing education program provides you or your organization the resources it needs to demonstrate your commitment to implementing at all levels the principles of Purpose Leadership and a strategic, systematic, and measurable approach to achieving organizational purpose, goals, and objectives through people across the enterprise. Click here for a complete syllabus of all the subjects covered in the education.