EEA Offers Free Tools to Benchmark Engagement

Thanks to the support of sponsors and partners, the EEA provides three free and confidential tools to help individuals and organizations benchmark various aspects of engagement.

These tools take only a few minutes and provide useful insights to help you on your engagement question.

#1 – Gauge Your Personal Engagement

See how your personal level of engagement compares with others. Powered by the Horsepower Survey.

The Horsepower Survey

#2 – Compare Your Company’s General Level of Engagement

Gauge how your company or client stacks up in terms of the same criteria used to create the Engaged Company Stock Index, which has outperformed the S&P 500 by 35% in the 19 months since it was created and by 33% over the previous six years. Powered by the Good Company Index, a product of McBassi & Co.

Survey link:

Good Company Quick Self-Assessment