PurposePointA collaboration with the PurposePoint advisory service and Purpose Summit, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Purpose Leadership Academy is dedicated to helping organizations fulfill their purpose, goals, and objectives consistent with their values through stakeholder management and purpose leadership,

Stakeholder management is a generational change in how to create value in business, not-for-profits, and government and fulfill organizational purpose, goals, and objectives that affects everyone in management, finance, human resources, marketing, investing, and education. It’s a practical path to sustainable value creation based on the same principles that have transformed quality in manufacturing–enhancing sales and profitability by identifying the true sources of value creation in your organization to make better compensation decisions; effectively measuring the cost of disengagement as well as the effectivess of any type of employee, customer, channel partner, or other stakeholder engagement efforts on organizational purpose, goals, and objectives.

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance is a non-partisan independent business education and outreach service founded in 2008 to develop a practical process for implementation based on the same principles used in total quality management to holistically enhance quality in products and services.

Take advantage of the following services:

Information and Learning

  • Benefit from free news, research, and trends on purpose leadership and stakeholder management covered in our weekly ESM media covering enterprise engagement implementation and regularly updated library and YouTube channel and RRN media, covering total rewards and regularly updated library. Click here for an ESM media kit. Click here for an RRN media kit.
  • Master purpose-based, stakeholder management by joining the Purpose Leadership and Stakeholder Management Academy for learning, continuing education and certification community, offering six books and nine videos on all aspects of stakeholder management, metrics, and reporting. Some or all of the tools below come with EEA Academy membership.
  • Free help desk on all aspects of Purpose Leadership, stakeholder management, implementation, measurement, and to find engagement solution providers.


  • Assess the maturity and alignment of an organization’s stakeholder management practices. Take this free 10-minute confidential assessment and access a low-cost version to conduct a thorough analysis of any size or type of organization to identify risks and opportunities.
  • Measure the impact of purpose and people management with the EEA People Value Impact Calculator software to track the impact of people investments in human resources, marketing, distribution and supply chain management, communities, and more, available as an EEA member benefit.
  • Attract talent, customer or other stakeholders with a referral widget any organization can use to promote and track referrals for customers, employees, volunteers, or any stakeholder–another optional member benefit.
  • Promote meaningful charitable contributions with a free CharityChoice co-branded web site for your organization to support charitable giving by employees, customers and other stakeholders only to charities your organization chooses that help address the health, welfare, and safety of people.


  • Purpose SummitTake advantage of business development services using permission-based social, email, and video content marketing designed for solution providers seeking to help organizations enhance performance through people.
  • Research on engagement impacts in your organization, including stakeholder alignment surveys, meta-analyses of other research, and white papers.
  • Corporate Sustainability reporting advisory services for all types of organizations and solution providers seeking to benefit from a more sustainable path to value creation and to publish meaningful corporate sustainability reports, or through the many solution providers such as PurposePoint involved in this program.

Who Can Benefit

The EEA’s Purpose Leadership Academy is for professionals, investment firms, organizations, engagement solution providers, not-for-profits, and academics who wish to move from talk to action in the implementation of their organizational purpose through an open-source approach enabling them to choose from a growing number of various implementation approaches and solution providers. The EEA promotes a framework that has evolved in the worlds of total quality management and customer relationship management in which multiple strategies thrive to implement effective solutions. EEA  Academy membership not only demonstrates your commitment to creating value through people, it includes a complete learning program with nine training videos and six books on theory and implementation practices of stakeholder managament; a free referral widget for talent and employees and the People Value Impact Calculator, an effective way to better identify where value is created in your organization, the cost of disengagement, the impact of engagement investments, and an easy way to design more meaningful and measurable incentive, recognition, loyalty strategies.

With the addition of the Purpose Point community of experts, the EEA Academy will shortly be expanded with a new curriculum on the personal characteristics of Purpose Leadership not covered by the current EEA curriculum, which focuses on the strategic and systematic application of Purpose Leadership.

Click here for our mission, vision, and values and everything there is to know about the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. Or, contact Bruce Bolger, EEA Founder, 914-591-7600, ext. 230;