The Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) is a coalition of business professionals, academics, and companies dedicated to the principles of Stakeholder Capitalism and to its formal implementation through a formal, strategic and systematic enterprise-wide endeavor that “begins with people and ends with profitability.”

Our services are designed for investors and analysts, board members, C-suite and front line management, and educators and students seeking to understand and benefit from the principles of Stakeholder Management, a 40-year old business and academic field that provides the practical implementation process for Stakeholder Capitalism.

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The EEA’s primary mission is to support the implementation of Stakeholder Capitalism through education and outreach that creates a better understanding of how organizations can make the connection between engaging people in business and achieving short- and long-term financial performance in a practical way. The EEA was founded on the premise that the engagement of all of an organization’s key audiences – customers, distribution partners and employees – is a critical but often overlooked success factor for businesses. The implementation principles are similar to those used to transform quality in manufacturing through Total Quality Management in the last century.

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance was conceived in 2008 and formally launched on Jan. 2, 2009. Since then, it has developed a faculty representing academia, corporate practitioners, and engagement solution providers in all areas of leadership, assessment, coaching, learning, communication, innovation, rewards and recognition, and measurement for the purposes of creating a formal textbook and curriculum and benchmarking tools. The EEA created an Engaged Company Stock Index benchmarking to test the return-on-investment of having highly engaged customers, employees, and communities that outperformed the S&P 500 by over 37% over a six year period.

Clients are individuals, organizations and solution providers who utilize our education, advisory, and outreach services to benefit from a strategic and systematic approach to people management across the enterprise. The EEA is dedicated to making as much of its information available at no cost in order to promote the sharing of information to the broadest possible audience.

The EEA provides a number information and training services, including:

A complete learning and certification program on Stakeholder Management implementation for boards, investors, educators, and all levels of management at organizations large and small, including six books by experts, including the EEA’s training books: Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap 5th Edition. The first and most comprehensive book on Enterprise Engagement and its implementation tools, and Enterprise Engagement for CEOs, first and most comprehensive book on the principles of Stakeholder Capitalists and its application through the processes of Enterprise Engagement.

The CEP and AEP Webinar Training Programs: All members are entitled to a one-hour training program on the principles of Stakeholder Capitalism and Enterprise Engagement, which provide preparation for the examinations.

News, how-to, and reference: ESM (Engagement Strategies Media) at, the marketplace of Engagement Solution providers worldwide, and a comprehensive library of information on stakeholder engagement and human capital management.

RRN at media platform covering the scientific use of rewards, recognition, loyalty and gifting as part of the overall engagement process;  he marketplace that tells the stories leading brands and gift cards active in the engagement field, and a comprehensive library of information on total rewards.

The EEA YouTube channel featuring over three-dozen evergreen how-to and reference webinars with experts in all areas of Stakeholder engagement.

The EEA Engagement referral, feedback, and suggestion widget to promote talent and customer referrals using whatever incentives you wish with the ability to benchmark results against aggregate data starting in 2023.

Business development solutions for providers of engagement solutions and total rewards.

A wide range of Stakeholder Management and human capital advisory services through the EEA’s Engagement Agency affiliate.

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Bruce Bolger, EEA Founder
The Enterprise Engagement Alliance
Tel. 1-914-591-7600, ext. 230.