The First Executive and Management Training Program on Purpose Leadership and Stakeholder Management to Fulfill Organizational Purpose, Goals, and Objectives

Updated With New Impact Measurement Tools and Other Benefits

PurposePoint“There’s a business case for purposeful business – serving society isn’t just worthy or a nice ideal, but central to the long-term success of a company“–Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance at the London Business School, and author of one of the core books in the EEA curriculum: Grow the Pie.

“Putting together the new leadership qualities required today at any level of business with a system proven in manufacturing to harmonize the interests of all stakeholders toward a common, purpose, goals, and objectives, just makes sense, as we provided at WD-40 Company. What’s needed is the paradigm for a new type of leader and a recognized system like total quality management to assess its effectiveness.”– Garry Ridge, WD-40 Company Chair emeritus, co-author with Ken Blanchard of Helping People Win at Work, included in the EEA Purpose Point Academy Library.

As part of our new collaboration on Purpose Leadership with PurposePoint, a community of leadership solution providers and coaches, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Academy now includes a learning module on the personal characteristics of Purpose Leaders at any level of the organization based on the work of Garry Ridge, retired WD-40 Company CEO and Davin Salvagno, PurposePoint Co-Founder and CEO.

The program is shortly being expanded with a new PurposePoint module focused on the leadership characteristics required in the new world of stakeholder-focused management. See preview interview with Salvagno and Ridge on Purpose Leadership on this EEA YouTube Purpose Leadership and Stakeholder Management show.

Take this free 10-minute, anonymous assessment to thumbnail the maturity of your own organization’s stakeholder management systems provided by the Maturity Institute’s Omindex index.

Below is an overview of who can benefit, backgound on the academy, and details on the library selection that comes with Academy membership levels along with free or discounted events; impact measurement, assessment, and implementation tools; a customer and talent referral widget, a charitable gifting platform, and more benefits to come. The membership onboarding process involves a review of these benefits to select which are appropriate for you or your organization.

Who Can Benefit

  • Boards, CEOs, C-suite executives in finance, marketing, sales, and marketing who need to understand the principles of stakeholder management, metrics, reporting and how to create new value through people and better experiences in a manner taught at very few schools.
  • Front-line management who will need to apply stakeholder principles to their practices.
  • Consulting, advisory, and legal firm executives, and professionals seeking to develop expertise and/or a practice in stakeholder management and reporting.
  • Professionals in DEI seeking to address diversity as a business opportunity as well as a social or compliance issue.
  • Asset managers who need to understand how to evaluate and take into account the “S” of Environmental, Social, Governance in their portfolio management.
  • Educators and students in business, management, administration, and human resources (free educational memberships are available)

About the Academy

Since its inception in 2008, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance is the only outreach and learning organization focused on the strategic and systematic approach to achieving organizational purpose, goals, and objectives by aligning the interests of all stakeholders. Now, in conjunction with PurposePoint, the EEA is adding a new section on the qualities of Purpose Leaders geared specifically at training managers at every level in the spirit of Purpose Leadership and how to live it on a day-to-day basis within the organization.

Join the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Academy as an individual professional, corporation, or as an enterprise or solution provider to gain access to the formal self-learning training program, and a library of books and and free or discounted measurement, assessment, referral charitable giving tools, and implementation tools outlined below.

A Library of Books on Purpose Leadership (Both books included in EEA Academy membership)

This learning focuses specifically on the personality and emotional characteristics of Purpose Leaders and on how to align individual purpose with that of the organization.

  1. Helping People Win at Work at Work, by Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge. This book shows WD-40 Company has used Blanchard’s techniques of Partnering for Performance with every employee–achieving levels of engagement and commitment that have fortified the bottom line.
  2. Finding Purpose at Work, by Davin Salvagno. This book is designed to help anyone realize the satisfaction of aligning your own purpose and that of your organization.

Books on All Aspects of Stakeholder Management Implementation

The number and selection of books depends on the Academy membership level. Click here for detail.

  1. Enterprise Engagement: for CEOs–the Little Blue Book for Stakeholder Capitalists, by Bruce Bolger. The practical guide for executives seeking to bake stakeholder management into current organizational processes.
  2. Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, by Bruce Bolger, Allan Schweyer, and Richard Kern. A detailed guide to all the tactics involved with stakeholder management.
  3. The Power of And–-Responsible Business Without Tradeoffsby Edward Freeman. The theory and principles of stakeholder management from the academic founder of the field.
  4. Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit, by Alex Edmans. The financial principles of Stakeholder Capitalism based on research.
  5. Building Corporate Soul: Powering Culture & Success with the Soul System, by Ralph Specht, on the new approach to leadership and culture in the world of stakeholder management.
  6. Humanizing Human Capital: Invest in Your People for Optimal Business Returns, by Dr. Solange Charas and Stela Lupushor. The information needed to drive today’s people-oriented organization.
  7. The New ROI—Going Behind the Numbers, by Dave Bookbinder. This valuation expert continues to unravel ways to better value human capital and determine how it can be quantified to truly represent what every organization’s people actually bring to the table.

Stakeholder Curriculum and Faculty Overview

9 EEA Video Learning Program; 7 For Members-Only Training

Private YouTube video links to the EEA members-only certification program are sent to members upon joining with courses updated courses during the summer.  Click here for two of the nine courses to sample the format and content. All programs are hosted by: Bruce Bolger, on Enterprise Engagement; Founder, CEO of the EEA; author of Enterprise Engagement for CEOs and Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap. The EEA classes program provide training necessary for formal EEA certification; the others are designed to add depth.

1. EEA Curriculum Class 1 Stakeholder Management Theory and Practice (Public). Presenter: Edward R. Freeman, Professor, Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia; author of the field’s original 1983 textbook: Stakeholder Management, who focuses on the foundational principles of stakeholder management implementation.

2. How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit. Presenter: Alex Edmans, Professor, London Business School; author of Grow the Pie, How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit.

3. Human Capital Management and Reporting: Are CEOs Driving With One Eye on the Road? PresentersDr. Solange Charas, Founder, CEO, HCMoneyball; adjunct Professor on Human Capital Management, Columbia University, New York University, and University of Southern California; co-author Humanizing Human Capital: Invest in Your People for Optimal Business Results, on human capital management, reporting, and the links to financial reporting; Stela Lupushor, Chief Reframer at Reframe.Work Inc.; co-author Humanizing Human Capital: Invest in Your People for Optimal Business Results,

4. EEA Curriculum Class 2: Strategic Culture—Baking Purpose Into Process. Presenter: Ralph Specht, Co-Founder, Spark44, an international ad agency; Author of Building Corporate Soul: Powering Culture & Success with the Soul System.

5. EEA Curriculum Class 3: The Return on Investment of Individuals. Presenters: Dave Bookbinder, Principal, New ROI Advisers, Author of The New ROI—Return on Individuals; Amy Armitage, Founder, Co-Chair, Human Capital Reporting and Investing Council; Laura Queen, Founder, CEO, 29Bison

6. EEA Curriculum Class 4: The Tactics of Enterprise Engagement. Presenters:  Todd Hanson, Founder, Catalyst Performance Group; Jervis DiCicco; Founder, CEO, ProsperBridge; Darwin Hanson, Founder, CEO TM Evolution

7. EEA Curriculum Class 5: ROI of Engagement. Presenters: Todd Hanson, Founder, Catalyst Performance Group; Allan SchweyerPrinciple—Human Capital, The Conference Board; Co-Chief Research Advisor for the Center for Human Capital Innovation and Chief Academic Advisor to the Incentive Research Foundation.

8. ROI of DEI—Diversity is a Business Opportunity, Not a Compliance Issue (Public). Presenters: Marvin Owens, Chief Engagement Officer, Impact Shares;  Eric Darrisaw, Principal, Lazarus Advisors, a boutique advisory firm focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance; Renee Redwood, CEO of Redwood Enterprise LLC, an organizational strategy advisory firm.

9. EEA Curriculum Class 6—Case Studies Featuring Sunovion Pharmaceuticals. Presenter: Richard “Rick” Beers, Senior Director, Sales Training, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, a leader in treatments for central nervous system conditions.

Additional Academy Membership Benefits

  • A one-hour onboarding meeting to chart your membership path and book selection based on your goals and objectives.
  • 40% discount to the Purpose Summit, April 29-May 1 in Charlotte, NC, while available, to learn from, share information, and meet management in all areas of business, government, not-for-profits and faith-based organizations.
  • A one-year, single company license to the People Value Impact Calculator, a platform used to easily correlate the impact of almost any people investment on organizational purpose, goals, and objectives.
  • A 15% discount to the Appreciation at Work certification and system implementation framework ($850 versus $1,000).
  • A 25% discount on the formal training program for use of the Omindex Organizational Maturity Index ($1,800 versus $2,500 training for 10 hours of training broken into several sessions.)
  • Free use of the Charity Choice charitable giving platform for not-for-profits offering a 15% fund-raising fee for qualified companies.
  • The EEA Engagement referral, ratings, and suggestion widget to promote referrals, ratings, and suggestions. Within minutes, your webmaster can download the code of your own widget; place it on any web or social page; use any type of reward or offer desired.
  • A listing on the Enterprise Engagement Alliance individual or organizational membership page.
  • Access to a help desk to find information, experts, or solution providers to address your organization’s needs.

Stakeholder Management Certification Opportunities

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance offers two levels of certification for which our  education program provides preparation.

Certified Engagement Practitioner—available to any EEA member who demonstrates an overall understanding of the field in a one-hour recorded video meeting. Accommodations will be made for disabilities of any kind. The applicant must be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the definition, economic principles, implementation framework, engagement tactics and how they work together, return on investment measures, and human capital reporting. Candidates receive a clear certification test outline in advance to help with preparation.

Cost: $350* for a certification good for five years to EEA members in good standing.

Advanced Engagement Practitioner—available to any EEA member and CEP recipient who has at least five years of management experience. The applicant must submit a written case study of an enterprise engagement process he or she was involved with or oversaw demonstrating how it applied a strategic and systematic approach to achieve a core organizational goal through appropriate stakeholders, as well as answer questions in a one-hour recorded webinar meeting.

Cost: $350* for an AEP certification good for five years for EEA members in good standing with a CEP certification.

*Ask about scholarships and allowances for developing nations.

Join the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Academy as an individual professional, corporation, or as an enterprise or solution provider to gain access to the formal self-learning training program, and a library of books and and free or discounted measurement, assessment, referral charitable giving tools, and implementation tools.





The New ROI—Going Behind the Numbers         Helping People Win at Work at Work           Finding Purpose at Work