The First Information and Learning Center for the Practical Implementation of Purpose Leadership and Stakeholder Management

PurposePointWhat makes this Stakeholder Management information, learning center and community unique? Explains Ralf Specht, Co-Founder, Spark44, an international ad agency, and author of Building Corporate Soul: Powering Culture & Success with the Soul System, “CEOs have been saying for years that people are their No. 1 asset, but as we all know, employee engagement remains low throughout the world. Leadership is not just about empathy or humility: it requires a strategic and systematic approach to day-to-day management—a system.”

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The EEA exists to help professionals and organizations to prepare for what is becoming an imperative in business–tapping the last bastion of value creation: our stakeholders–customers, employees, distribution and supply chain partners, and our communities.

Purpose SummitWe are not an association and we are not seeking donation or asking for your support. This one-of-a-kind resource, education, and information sharing organization is designed to support you: educators, boards, CEOs and the C-suite, investors and all managers at any level in organizations seeking to benefit from the last bastion of value creation: the contribution of all our stakeholders—customers, employees, supply chain and distribution partners, and communities. Unlike other organizations and education programs, the EEA Purpose Leadership Academy and stakeholder management and education program focuses on the alignment of management and engagement practices across the enterprise, rather than looking at human resources, operations, sales, or marketing in siloes.

Business leaders worldwide are talking about Stakeholder Capitalism, and now tens of thousands of companies will have to disclose how they address the needs of their employees and those of their supply chain partners, as well as the interests of their customer and distribution partners and communities under the newly enacted European Union Corporate Sustainability Directive. The EEA information resources and learning platform focus on how to implement the principles of Purpose Leadership and stakeholder management through:

News and information: Ongoing reporting on the field through:

  • ESM at and resource center for information and solution provider resources.
  • RRN at and resource center.
  • EEA YouTube channel for over 35 evergreen panel discussions with experts with practical, actionable insights on dozens of topics related to Stakeholder Management and Enterprise Engagement.
  • Education and certification. The EEA has created the first executive education program on the implementation of People Leadership and stakeholder management by world-recognized pioneers in the theory, framework, and practical implementation of Stakeholder Capitalism principles by fostering the proactive involvement of all stakeholders and through effective internal and external human capital reporting.

Outreach. Through its own media platforms and in cooperation with other organizations, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and its Brand Media Coalition focus on activities to educate management around the world on the principles of Stakeholder Engagement and Total Rewards, and the critical strategies, tactics, and resources required for success.

Advisory and managed outsources services on all aspects of Stakeholder Management. The EEA provides access to expertise in all areas of strategic and tactical implementation for human capital gap analyses; process design and measurement; and human capital reporting.

Books. EEA individual and corporate academy membership include copies of the six books in the core Stakeholder Management and Enterprise Engagement curriculum. Click below if you wish to purchase books individually if you are not yet ready to join.

  1. Strategic Theory: Concepts and Strategies ($17.99) by Edward Freeman. The theory and principles of stakeholder management from the academic founder of the field based on principles first published in 1984 in Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach.
  2. Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit, ($17.99) by Alex Edmans. The financial principles of Stakeholder Capitalism based on research of the performance of companies designated as “Great Places to Work” research confirmed in independent research. 
  3. Building Corporate Soul: Powering Culture & Success with the Soul System, ($22.49) by Ralph Specht, on the new approach to leadership and culture in the world of stakeholder management. The lesson is that leadership is a system that aligns purpose, culture, values, brands, and goals and objectives across the organization.
  4. Humanizing Human Capital: Invest in Your People for Optimal Business Returns ($28), by Dr. Solange Charas and Stela Lupushor. The book (coming out September 2022) is the latest comprehensive guide to human capital management and reporting.
  5. Enterprise Engagement: for CEOs ($15.99) by Bruce Bolger. The practical guide for executives seeking to bake stakeholder management into current organizational processes.
  6. Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, ($36) by Bruce Bolger, Allan Schweyer, and Richard Kern. A detailed guide to all the tactics involved with the implementation of the people aspects of Stakeholder Capitalism for those in charge at the front lines.
  7. Fishing With Dynamitea one-hour film and lesson plan to instruct business professionals on the history, principles and framework of Stakeholder Capitalism. Click here to rent starting at $2.99 or buy at $7.99.

Practical education. Membership includes nine recorded one-hour webinars with experts in all areas of Stakeholder Capitalism and implementation that cover all aspects of the field and include preparation for those seeking formal certification. A new track is being developed with PurposePoint on the personal characteristics of Purpose Leaders.

The EEA Engagement widget for referrals, suggestions, and feedback for talent and customers enabling you to use whatever rewards and you wish and benchmark your results against aggregate data starting in 2023.

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