Engagement Solution Providers Supporting Implementation of a Stakeholder Approach to Business

Founded in 2008, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance was years ahead of business in identifying the need for a formal Engagement field; implementation framework and curriculum to help solution providers and corporate practitioners profit from engagement. The following companies support and utilize the principles of a strategic and systematic approach to engagement that views their services in the context of a holistic process based on the purpose, goals, and objectives of the organization and the program. 

Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Solutions, Multi-Media Communications

EGR International–An Enterprise Engagement company dedicated to new thinking, multi-media marketing, performance improvement, and campaign strategies for Dow Jones and S&P 500 companies across the globe.

HMI Performance Incentives–a full service incentive company focusing on comprehensive engagement solutions for channel and distribution partners.

General Management 

Catalyst Performance Group–A leading specialist in Business Operating Systems, Engagement, and ROI.

Talent Management Evolution–Total Rewards 2.0 and compensation consulting, including ESOP (employee stock ownership program) design.

BCAT Partners–A brand and culture advisory company focused on helping companies achieve strategic or tactical alignment through a disciplined off-site process with a pre- and post-program evaluation process.

ProsperBridge–A benefits firm to help employees better manage their finances and lives through a monthly check-in and support services.

Appreciation at Work–A world-leader in driving organizational performance through appreciation using a practical personal assessment process, grass-roots implementation, and now an employee engagement application based on its principles.

Enterprise Engagement Technologies and Support Services

CarltonOne–A leader in Enterprise Engagement technology to support Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) management; employee, sales, and channel programs; and worldwide reward fulfillment.

Incentco–A full-service enterprise engagement technology platform to manage employee, sales, and customer loyalty program, including a Fasteezy referral platform for as little as $100 a year.

Partners for Incentives–At 70 years, the industry’s oldest full-service support company for promotional, marketing, advisory and other solution providers seeking to bring engagement technologies and solutions to their clients.

Takpoints.com–Employee engagement software made simple.

Face to Face and Digital Engagement 

Fire Light Group–FLG solutions help improve the engagement, retention and performance of  employees, business partners and customers through inspiring on-site events or technology.

Lorandus Meetings and Communications–A full-service live and virtual event production company.

Luxe Incentives —A full-service incentive company that aligns engagement across the enterprise through face-to-face events and enterprise engagement technology customized for client needs.

Brands Used for Incentives, Rewards, and Recognition 

1-800FLOWERS.com-Many of the most popular brands for any type of business occasion supported by a smart gifting platform.

Citizen Watch America–The brand most committed to the corporate marketplace based on decades of uninterrupted leadership.

Global Rewards Solutions–The world’s most comprehensive global solution for rewards, and featuring the exclusive Apple store for the IRR industry.

Links Unlimited–One of the world’s largest master fulfillment companies providing an end-to-end solution for brands seeking a turnkey solution for the corporate and other non-retail markets.

GGI Worldwide–A specialist in providing leading luxury brands for incentives, rewards, and recognition, with a focus on live and digital event gifting.