Advocates of a More Measurable, Strategic and Systematic Approach to Value Creation Through People

Advocates consist of corporate practitioners, solution providers and individuals and solution providers who  support and seek to benefit from a systematic approach to achieving organizational goals by engaging all critical stakeholders. To learn the learning and benefits, go to Become a Stakeholder Management Advocate.

Adi Mazen Adi. A SHRM-certified HR leader in Jordan with a dozen years of HR management experience.

Appreciation at Work. A simple to implement, easy to measure methodology for engaging teams outlined in the best-selling 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.

B-Cat. A solution provider that helps organizations foster alignment across the organization and teams.

Juan Paolo Arao19 years experience in people and organizational culture and strategic management in diverse, multi-cultural industries–14 years in management.

Christina Barss. A consultant helping organizations translate complex ideas into actionable steps that support and sustain enterprise change.

Michael Bruny. Employer Branding Strategist and Learning Development Specialist at Babson College.

Dr. Hieu Bui, MD, MBA, Fellow for the American Academy of Healthcare Executives dedicated to applying human capital to medicine.

Catalyst Performance Group. A pioneer in business operating systems and return-on-investment measurement of engagement across the enterprise.

Paul Donehue. President, Paul Charles & Associates, helping clients sell more and communicate better with stakeholders.

EGR InternationalA founding EEA advocate for stakeholder engagement with a specialty in holistic channel engagement efforts.

Fire Light Group. One of the first motivational event groups to introduce an enterprise approach to engagement through technologies and practices.

FTI ConsultingA world leader in people and transformation.

Corey HollemeyerAdvisory group member, University of Toronto, for a study on employment of autistic women.

Incentco. A provider of a full suite of enterprise engagement technologies starting with its Fasteezy referral, suggestion, and inquiry management platform.

Barbara PorterA Managing Director at EY specializing in culture.

Bridget Larkin. Senior Talent Program Partner, Aura.

Elena Leonidou.

Jalaal MadyunLeadership Development Manager, RSM US.

Jose Ferrara Pinto. ISO 30414 Human Capital Reporting. An HR executive with 16 years experience in human capital management, reporting, and audition. Located in Macao.

Hinda Incentives. A full-service incentive, recognition, and loyalty support company.

HMI Performance Incentives. A specialist in channel and related engagement strategies.

Luxe Incentives. A woman-owned business at the convergence of face-to-face, digital and ROI.

Partners for Incentives. A provide of incentive program, technology, and awards support services for promotional, incentive, and recognition companies.

Prosperbridge. A provider of financial and one-on-one support services for employees.

Santhosh Shekar. Knowledge Management Architect at Petroleum Development Oman, Sultanate of Oman, and dedicated to the advance of Knowledge Management.

Tyrone Smith, Ed.D, MBA. Dr. Tyrone D. Smith, Jr. is a strategic leader in human capital management, people analytics, workforce planning, people operations, automation intelligence, talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, and more

Ishtiak Taher, lead consultant, WorkSmart Consulting in Bangalesh, a Society of Human Resources Management certification company.

TM Evolutiona provider of compensation, human capital analytics, and advisory services for employee ownership.