A Breakthrough Service for Enhancing Performance, Efficiency and Stakeholder Experiences for Any Size Organization

The Enterprise Engagement Advisory Practice brings the benefits and processes of Stakeholder Management principles and Enterprise Engagement to any organization seeking a more sustainable approach to performance and stakeholder experiences in the coming era of Stakeholder Capitalism.


  • Offering CEOs an easily implementable, strategic and systematic process for managing human capital across the enterprise to achieve far greater efficiency, higher and more sustainable performance, and better experiences for all stakeholders.
  • Conducting a gap analysis of human capital management processes and metrics and developing a formal human capital management business plan and measures that address the opportunities for enhanced Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with all stakeholders.
  • Providing CEOs a Business Operating System to help make the right decisions, pivot as necessary in the new era of pandemics, and implement a systematic process to achieving short- and long-term goals through greater alignment, efficiency and better experiences for all stakeholders.
  • Preparing organizations for the coming need to publish human capital management reports addressing how all stakeholders are treated, including the new European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting directive that requires potentially hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide to disclose their workforce management practices and those of their supply chains and distribution partners, as well as how they address the interests of their customers, distribution partners, and communities.
  • Benefiting from the framework and optional certification process for this strategic approach to management through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard 10018 Quality People Management and ISO 30414 Human Capital Reporting standards.
  • Utilizing form processes to achieve greater return-on-investment and other outcomes from current recognition, loyalty, communications, learning and other engagement efforts through a more systematic, scientific approach that more effectively aligns activities in a way that can eliminate silos and reduce politics.
  • Providing training and facilitation through the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Learning and Certification program for key team members on Enterprise Engagement processes, Business Operating Systems, as well as on ISO 10018 quality people management and ISO 30414 human capital reporting standards.
  • Implementing success through The Engagement Agency support and managed outsourcing services for implementation and measurement.
  • Offering a unique pay-for-performance model based on the organization’s need.