The Leading Worldwide Experts in Stakeholder Management Implementation and Reporting to Enhance Performance and Experiences

Profit from the same strategic and systematic approach to people management that helped transform quality in manufacturing. Break down the siloes preventing your organization from aligning the interests of customers, employees, supply chain and distribution partners and communities critical to your success. 

Gallup estimates that the cost of worldwide disengagement is nearly $9 trillion. What is it costing your company and how can you fix it? As the leading experts on stakeholder management, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance can help you answer those questions.

In addition to our research services supporting program design and evaluation, cost of disengagement analysis, and research on engagement practices, and our corporate sustainability strategy and reporting service, the EEA helps organizations enhance performance and stakeholder experiences by integrating all engagement efforts and metrics to align the interests of key stakeholders to achieve the organization’s purpose, goals, and objectives.

Corporate sustainability strategies are not about publishing glossy reports, they are part of a stakeholder approach to management that enhances returns for investors by creating value for customers, employes, supply chain and communication partners, communities, and the environment.

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance Advisory Service helps organizations create new value and enhance performance by applying the same principles to stakeholder management that were applied to enhance productivity and quality in manufacturing starting as long ago as the 1950s by the quality guru W. Edwards Deming.

We apply a systematic approach to aligning management activities (communications, incentives, recognition, training, job design, etc.) powered by stakeholder voice to create a climate of continuous improvement. The Enterprise Engagement Alliance Advisory group helps you better calculate what disengagement is costing your company in a manner that enables you to carefully test the process before fully rolling out to all your stakeholders.

The deliverable? A clear idea of the cost of disengagement to your organization, if any, by stakeholder; the potential causes and solutions, and a reasonable estimate of the return on investment of addressing the issues. This same process is used in total quality management to help establish realistic goals for the purposes of determining the investment required.

Uncovering new sources of profits. The Enterprise Engagement Alliance helps organizations turn human capital and employee, customer and distribution partner and related engagement efforts into profit centers through time-tested processes supported by ISO 30414 human capital management and ISO 10018 quality people management standards issued over the last few years. We are the first agency to focus on the implementation of the “S” of Environmental, Stakeholders, Governance (ESG) management, increasingly known as stakeholders, as a means of tapping the last bastion of value creation for organizations.

The process. Depending on the size of the company and the stakeholders being evaluated, the effort requires minimal time of management following the initial 60-90 minute evaluation with the CFO and appropriate department heads using a standardized checklist provided after understanding client needs. This includes understanding currently available engagement survey data of the targeted stakeholders, as well as analyzing financial data depending on the assignment. This can include both sales and costs, as well as employee and customer turnover, cost to replace, related disruptions, etc.

Managed outsourcing for the best solutions. The Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s Engagement Agency has unique experience in helping organizations find solutions in key areas of engagement based on their precise needs, including:

The Return on Investment

Organizations come to the Engagement Agency with concrete needs to:

  • Create more wealth from current stakeholder investments in a measurable way.
  • Take advantage of the ability to use digital engagement platforms to lay a pipeline into the hearts and minds of every stakeholder via their smart phones in a highly measurable and efficient way.
  • Enhance traditional benefits, incentive, recognition, loyalty, safety, or other strategies and tactics with no clear ROI.
  • Achieve core sales, marketing, fundraising or other organizational goals and objectives through better design of initiatives.
  • Increase customer retention and willingness to recommend or donate. Attract and retain high achieving distribution partners and talent by addressing their key levers of engagement.
  • Improve quality, service, safety and well-being through programs that promote the actions necessary to achieve results.
  • Foster continuous improvement, innovation and collaboration.
  • Increase productivity and experiences at the same time.

Organizations collectively may spend up to $1 trillion a year in various tactics to achieve these goals, including marketing, compensation, human resources, benefits, etc., and yet both employee engagement and general customer satisfaction have not budged in decades, based on research from Gallup and the American Customer Satisfaction Association. ISO 10018 can do for Quality People Management what ISO 9001 has done for Quality Process Management.

Click here for information on the Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s research service for program design,

ROI measurement, cost of disengagement analysis, and independent research; and here for our corporate sustainability strategy and reporting service.