An Agency and Advisory Service Specifically Focused on the Emerging Field of Enterprise Engagement Being Driven by The New Human Capital Mandate

The EEA’s Engagement Agency division helps organizations profit from the growing enterprise engagement marketplace and/or address the increasing pressure on organizations to disclose their human capital management practices across the enterprise, including employees, customers, distribution partners, vendors, and communities.

The Engagement Agency combines its extensive experience as a founder of the field, with the latest content, education, and digital marketing experience, to bring both solution providers and employers unique expertise, strategic expertise, and a plan to profit from this hot new business trend.

The EEA is affiliated with the first organization to create formal ISO certifications for five human capital management standards, the International Center for Enterprise Engagement at

Why Now

The field of Enterprise Engagement is being driven by: The field of Enterprise Engagement is being driven by:

  • A recognition by top investors, including Larry Fink of Blackrock and a growing number of CEOs, including the Business Roundtable, and the accounting profession, that all companies do better when they have a strategic and systematic approach to engaging all stakeholders.
  • New ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards affecting nearly 2 million companies requiring the CEO to lead a strategic and systematic approach to addressing the needs of all stakeholders.
  • New SEC and European Union requirements for public and all large employers in Europe to disclose their human capital practices.
  • The growing preference of consumers to do business with organizations that focus on people.

A Blue Ocean Opportunity

  • Solution providers can benefit by providing new solutions to companies seeking a more strategic, systematic, and measurable approach to human capital management.
  • Organizations committed to people can enhance their performance and stakeholder experiences on a sustainable, cost-efficient basis that provides benefits to all stakeholders, including investors.

Summary of Services for Solution Providers and Employers

1. The Enterprise Engagement media and marketplace help build the marketplace by providing information and access to resources at the palm of the hand to both organizations seeking solutions and suppliers of those solutions. The ESM media platform at, with a community of 20,000 subscribers and followers, and the marketplace of over 200 resources and growing, bring together buyers and sellers of engagement solutions around the world; authoritative information on the business model for each type of service, and a growing referral platform for advisors who bring solutions to their clients.

2. Training and advisory services on the field. Make sure you or your organization’s team are educated on this emerging field, the implications, how your organization can profit, and what is required, whether as a solution provider or employer.

3. Complete Engagement Agency Business Development and Support Services. Is your company properly positioned to profit from the big opportunities created by the new pressures for strategic and systematic approach to engaging all stakeholders?

The Engagement Agency provides an end-to-end or tactical solution for engagement services providers seeking to profit from this emerging approach to stakeholder management, including everything from custom training and sales support with prospects, to helping update web sites, sales PDFs, the general story, database, events, content marketing processes, or business model, etc. This includes access to a marketplace offering the ability to offer new services to clients in all areas of engagement.

The Engagement Agency services can include:

  • A gap analysis meeting to assess the degree to which your organization’s web site, marketing, and sales materials tell the story of your ability to help organizations. Create a business plan for the systematic launch of your new story emphasizing your ability to bring effective solutions.
  • Provide training on Enterprise Engagement, the marketplace, ISO standards, etc. for your team.
  • Based on the gap analysis, provide updated copy as needed to your web site.
  • Develop and implement a content marketing strategy that includes a feature story and then, if desired, insight or how-to articles that support your content marketing plan.
  • Produce e-mail newsletters; write presentations and speeches, produce full-length books and videos.
  • Get access to on-call advice with presentations, proposals and related opportunities, as well as access to other potential service providers or consulting services.
  • Ability to have new product, insights, and other news published in our media throughout the year.


  • A fresh new story that is timely and compelling and all the tools needed to support it.
  • Access to higher levels of management for proposals and “discovery” selling.
  • Potential development of new professional services fee business model.

4. Voluntary ISO Certifications in Human Capital Management
The EEA’s sister company, the International Center for Enterprise Engagement at, offers the first and so far only ISO certifications in five human capital standards for professionals, organizations (employers and solution providers), and technologies.

  • ISO 10018 Quality People Management
  • ISO 30414 Human Capital Management
  • ISO 30409 Knowledge Management
  • ISO 30401 Recruitment
  • ISO 10267 Assessment Services.

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