EEA Staff

Bruce Bolger, Managing Director
Bruce has over 25 years of experience related to the field of engagement, research, outreach, and consulting.

Allan Schweyer, Curriculum Director
Allan has extensive experience as an innovator in human capital and talent management in both the private sector and government, and is an author of multiple books and articles on the subject.

Richard Kern, Editor in Chief
Richard has nearly 20 years of experience as an editorial leader in sales, marketing, and human resources.

Jon Lieb, Director of Public Relations

Nick Gazivoda, Vice President of Sales
Nick has been involved with sales in the incentive, rewards, recognition, and engagement areas since he began his career almost 20 years ago.

Paul Hebert, Social Media Editor
Paul is Vice President of Solution Design for Symbolist, an employee engagement company, and a pioneer in business-to-business social media.

Ira Ozer, CPIM, CRP, Contributing Editor
As a sales executive, consultant and principal of Engagement Partners, Ira has worked with hundreds of corporations, across a variety of industries and with many different types of engagement solution providers.

Anne-Sophie Pruvost-Zetina, Marketing Manager
Based in Lille, France, Anne-Sophie has been part of our team from the outset. She provides support on all EEA marketing initiatives.

Jeff Severson, Web Master
An independent Web developer, Jeff provides complete support for all of our Web initiatives.