At the Leading Edge of Engagement

Founded in 2008, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance is at the forefront of engagement. Long before most organizations were even thinking about this new field, the EEA was assembling cutting-edge sponsors and a faculty of experts representing all areas of business and academics.

What makes the EEA unique among all organizations now talking about engagement?

  • We focus on engagement across the enterprise to address customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors, and communities.
  • The EEA is about breaking down silos between departments that often hamper the ability to continually satisfy customers and innovate. We are about finding ways to link engagement across the organization, rather than focusing narrowly on customer or employee engagement.
  • We are about implementation and measurement—we helped identify the theory, framework, and implementation process starting years ago and believe the emphasis is now on helping make engagement happen at the front lines of business.
  • We are about sharing information freely without cost whenever possible and are open to everyone—no pedigrees required.

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