EEA Services

Public Speaking, Professional and Academic Education
The EEA provides personalized learning related to all aspects of engagement, including principles, implementation process, measurement, best practices; development of engagement business plans, ISO 10019 certification, and sales training for solution providers.

The Engagement Agency
The Engagement Agency provides a complete service for organizations and solution providers seeking to profit from the field of Enterprise Engagement, including ISO 10018 quality people management practices incorporated into 16 ISO standings. Services include Advisory services for Enterprise Engagement strategy design or updated design of recognition, incentive, loyalty, communications, innovation, and other engagement tactics involving customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors, communities, volunteers, owners, or any stakeholder.

Healthcare Engagement Advisory
The Healthcare Enterprise Engagement Advisory is a service of the Healthcare Management Institute of the University of Texas Medical Branch and the Engagement Agency to help healthcare institutions from a formal ISO process to maximize patient and employee engagement through the more systematic design of traditional incentive, recognition, communications, innovation, and other tactics used to engage people in health care.