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Learn Why the Engaged Company Stock Index Has

S&P 500

Engaged Company Stock Index

Engaged Company Stock Index

Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap

Enterprise Engagement:
The Roadmap 4th Edition
Now Available

*Updated to include all the information
necessary to comply with the new ISO
9001 and ISO 10018 Quality People
Management standards designed to
maximize performance through people.

Profit From ISO 10018

Learn about EEA services for organizations and
solution providers seeking to profit from ISO
Quality People Management standards
and certification.

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Enterprise Engagement Alliance

Demonstrate your commitment to a new profession
dedicated to helping organizations achieve their goals
through people.

Aligning Engagement
Across Your Organization

We help organizations increase profits by engaging
customers, distribution partners, employees,
vendors, communities, and shareholders.

Profit From Engagement: Join the EEA

Learn how membership can propel your organization and your career.


Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap: The first formal curriculum on Enterprise Engagement.

Engagement Academy Online: Free online courses.

Certification: Recognition for basic and advanced mastery of Enterprise Engagement.

Business Development: Training, thought leadership, and content marketing strategies for solution providers.

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Benchmarking tools: Multiple ways to benchmark engagement.

Training: On-site or webinar-based learning programs.

Consulting: On-site or telephone-based assistance with the development of Engagement business plans and implementation.
Discover America’s Most People Centric Companies And Voice Support for People


Engagement Strategies media: The latest news, research, case studies, solution providers, organizations addressing all areas of engagement.

Enterprise Engagement blog: Timely insights and commentary from our editors and guests

Engaged Company Stock Index: a tool that tracks the nation’s public companies with the highest level of customer, employee, and community engagement.

Rewards Recognition Network: Aggregate data on reward redemptions, research, and what’s new in rewards, recognition, and loyalty programs.

Engaged Company Stock Index

Here are the latest results for the Engaged Company Stock Index, which tracks the
long-term results of companies with high levels of customer, employee, and
community engagement as determined by independent data sources compiled by
Good Company Index. Click here for more information.

The results below reflect the stock market performance of the Engaged Company Stock Index from

Oct 1, 2012 to June 30, 2018

Engaged Company Stock Index began at $10,000 on Oct. 1, 2012.

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